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    Our Professionals

    Kabu Godwin

    With a dense experience in programming and systems monitoring, Kweku has great organizational skills coupled with planning. With an eye for fault catching and alluring graphics, no projects are completed without hole picking from him when necessary. For our UI’s he might just get bored and design it himself.

    Hottor Godwin

    A young talent and a builder of anything program. Godwin is an drum of codes and delivers when expected. He has a very good control of PHP, JAVA and C related programs. Talk to him and feel the wave of problem solving IT. Call him Nokofio on a usual day and expect a genuine smile.

    Abbey Raphael

    Our Graphical user interfaces are never complete without a touch from Ralph. He does great with his designs and intuitive ability to create concepts within the shortest possible time. A trusted hand when tasked any day.

    Edekor Elikplim

    Eli, a young and energetic lady who sees to the day-to-day running of the company. She has customer satisfaction and comfort at heart. She ís an innovative and proactive person who can multi-task and does not reside on mediocre performance; thus, Eli always strive for perfection in her service delivery.

    Glikpo Ken Richie

    We’re pretty social and Ken makes sure of that. Filling in the position of Digital marketer Ken manages all the company’s digital infrastructure and marketing efforts. His dome is the media world and he’s our go-to trendy guy.

    Aning Frempong Bernard

    Bernard’s work gives a whole different definition to graphics and photography. We joke that he has a third Artistic eye and he just might. He fills in as aide graphics and when he and Ralph joins forces, they create beyond imagination designs.

    Ganyo Bright

    Bright works magic with codes. He’s our developer , web designer and all round tech guy. If you’ve got a tech problem, Bright is possibly the best person to ask. And oh, he’s married to his laptop