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  • Web & Software Development

    Any website or content which can be accessed by a URL globally can be termed as a web based program whether it operates on an active directory or just an everyday website. Define your requirements as a corporate body or an individual and allow us to create that web related product you’ve always wished for. We frown on shared hosting services, which enables sharing of resources online and most importantly IP addresses. Such services increase the vulnerability of websites to hacking due to the common IP addresses shared by a group of clients at any given time. Cyber infiltration methods such as phishing and SQL Injection attacks are always possible and these are basic modes by which we prevent these activities.

    A client may want an application to run both locally and online; this is highly possible and would be done in good time by our team of dynamic programmers. The local software would be handled as a normal desktop app with a cloud database which can be accessed concurrently with the web based program. Aside software’s of this kind, we have over the years built HR Management Systems, Payroll Systems, Point of Sale Systems and a host of others.

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