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    Frequently Asked Questions
    How long will it take to build a custom website?

    The time frame for developing a website varies from client to client and largely rides on the specifications outlined by the client. Therefore, whereas some website developments can take only a few weeks others can span as long as 3 months or even more. The team however always provides an estimated time of completion to clients before the project begins and has made it a personal goal to always deliver on time.

    Do you provide hosting services?

    Yes. Currently TrybeNet provides Hosting services for various companies. Notable amongst them are the e-recruitment sites for the Ghana Fire services, Ghana Prisons service and Ghana immigration services which generate huge traffic during recruitment periods. We are proud to say that these platforms have experienced little to zero interruptions/downtimes on our servers even with the huge influx of traffic.

    How much will it cost to get a custom website/application built?

    Owning a custom built website or application from TrybeNet can cost as little as GHc 999. However depending on the functionality and specifications of the client, these prices can slightly fluctuate.

    Do you use templates to build websites?

    At TrybeNet every website build is unique in its own way especially with regards to functionality, looks and content. all the websites we build are tailored to the clients specifications down to every single detail no matter how minutes. However , if a client is working on limited budget and is open to the idea of using a template for same reasons the team is capable of making all the necessary tweaks to ensure the templates still suite the clients needs

    Do you provide post service technical assistance for website/app maintenance?

    We believe in lasting relationships that profit, as such, as a company policy, we ensure that we are always credible to fix bugs and tweaks in the websites we build and we charge absolutely nothing for it. You can consider it a professional courtesy extended in confidence of our work and how much we cherish working with you .

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